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Middle East for Packaging industries ( East Pack ) is a sophisticated company with pharmaceutical companies especially multinational ones depending on our wide experience in the market since 1997 ( over 20 year ) and by using the latest technology in that field which enable us to put our customers needs in the focus of sight and achieve their expectations.

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High Quality Material

We stand behind the quality of raw materials and every single product that is produced in our company, providing our services using the latest technology and the certified materials in the field.

Final Product

Quality is the act of ensuring that the company’s products and services are up to mark, delivered at a time and are within appropriate cost range.

Customer Care

we must make every interaction an opportunity to increase our customer’s satisfaction.

customer’s satisfaction is our goal all the time.

Welcome to Our Company

Our Vision

our vision to lead the Egyptian markets and become one of the unique and smart exporters in printing and manufacturing of Packaging materials

Our Core Values:

  • Quality
  • Exceptional customer care
  • Integrity
  • Commitment to employees
  • Relationships with suppliers
  • Social, Community and Environmental responsibility
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